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XeoCAD - Cost Estimation

The Cost/Estimating module uses sophisticated costing formulae to estimate the production cost of a sheet layout. The production process is defined by selecting a sequence of pricing levels to operate on the sheet or the designs. The software calculates the make-ready and run costs at each pricing level and the number of sheets or designs produced for the next stage after allowing for waste and spoilage. The printing costs include ink which is calculated from the ink coverage and costs of each ink.

A sophisticated formula sets the rules for run speed, make-ready, etc. that give this software its power. The rules can be set up using the tables that the estimators are already familiar with. For example, the run speed of a printing press could be from a table of number of colors and run length.

Prompted variables give additional flexibility in the formulae and can be used for any factor that influences the costs.

The final costs can be shown as totals or broken down by pricing levels. Any of the information calculated by Cost/Estimating can be put on printed reports that summarize the estimated production costs for the job.

Jobs that use one design and print item can calculate the costs for different quantities. This table of the cost per item at each order quantity is information frequently needed for a customer quote.

When Cost/Estimating is combined with Intelligent Layout, all cost centers and the advanced costing formulae including prompted variables are used when selecting optimum sheet layouts.

Features of Cost/Estimating

The product process is modeled using multiple pricing levels

Standard formulas sets up costing rules for the print items.

Prompted variables are used to set additional parameters for adjustments to the costing formulae.

Each pricing level operates on whole sheets of individual designs. Design cost centers can either operate on all print variations together or have separate make-ready for each print variation.

Calculates production costs for a design at different quantities.

The full costing results are included on XeoCAD reports.